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Supercharge your organization's software delivery performance in 5 weeks.

Software Delivery Boot Camp

By participating in this 5-week training and mentorship boot camp, your design and development teams will learn elite-level patterns and practices for software design, development, and operations. Participants will experience a simulated project to practice techniques which they will subsequently implement in their own day-to-day work environment.

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Our elite-level software engineers and UX experts work hand-in-hand with your team to learn and implement proven software delivery practices which will accelerate their ability to deliver business value.

Improved Software Delivery Performance

A team of practitioners with sufficient experience to continue the journey towards high-performance software delivery.

What happens during delivery?

Week 1: Training

Attendees participate in classroom training

Hands-on project simulation

Weeks 2-5: Application

Mentoring UX research, design, and testing

Participation in sprint reviews and demos

Support in effective daily stand-up meetings

Support in encouraging team collaboration

Host team retrospectives

Implement tooling to track and improve software delivery performance

Identify and guide organizational changes to maximize performance

Caravel Labs
How is this different?
  • Empowers the team to implement a single complete solution, not come up with multiple implementation ideas as in a hackathon.

  • Participants realize the holistic value of disciplined software design and delivery, not just learn a specific technology or methodology.

  • Provides the participants with an arsenal of tools and patterns that they can continue to build on, not just concepts that require rebuilding from scratch after the workshop.

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