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Custom Software Delivery

Usable and useful features released on a regular and short cadence that provide early business value and continuous validation of project progress.

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Accountability for software delivery performance is built into the financial incentive structure of the contract.

Focus on business outcomes

Users champion and drive project to intended business outcomes within the budget and time constraints.

Resilient solution

The solution produced is resilient to necessary changes arising from changes in business needs, ensuring longevity of the solution.

What happens during delivery?

First Sprint (2-weeks sprints)

Exploration Workshop: User-driven design exercise to produce a prioritized backlog of features

CI/CD Setup for high-performance software delivery.

Execution Sprints

Iterative and incremental design

Development and release of features with objective measurement of software delivery performance.

Last Sprint

Ensure the stability of the solution

Address outstanding high priority feedback

Perform activities which may be necessary for effective transition to ongoing operation

Caravel Labs
How is this different?
  • Empowers users to drive design and engineering decisions and prioritize their requirements, rather than disempowering them.

  • Users take ownership of the solution, rather than being coerced to use it.

  • The client is charged for objectively measurable software delivery performance metrics, rather than just for the time spent by the team.

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