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October 18, 2022

Welcome Our Latest Team Members

Ashu Chatterji

Back in July we concluded our latest edition of Project Sunrise (read more about it here). The purpose of Project Sunrise is to identify not only the brightest among the community of budding software engineers, but also those who are most inspired to use their future profession for creating a more sustainable world. The next step is to give them a taste of what the satisfaction of applying their skills thoughtfully towards solving a meaningful problem. We do this in the hope that the entire community of software engineers, of which Caravel Labs is only a small part, benefits from engineers driven by intrinsic motivations rather than just the usual material incentives. We believe that through their experience in Project Sunrise they become part of the small but ever-growing pool of elite software engineers that are the pride of any software engineering organization in the world.

Photo Left to Right: Subham Kundu, Meghna Bharadwaj (both from Sunrise cohort of 2020), Saptarshi Mondal and Swapnanil Ray, who together form the Caravel Labs team in Kolkata, India

Today we are proud and humbled to announce that as of last week, two members of the cohort of summer 2022, Saptarshi Mondal and Swapnanil Ray, have joined Caravel Labs as engineering interns and are playing an active role in the development of the toolset that enables Caravel Labs’ consulting engineers operate at elite software performance levels.

They are working part-time as they wrap their rigorous academic assignments in the final year of their college program, and we hope that they become full-time members of the Caravel Labs team upon graduation to further our mission of empowering innovators everywhere by building responsible software solutions. 

Saptarshi and Swapnanil’s arrival on the team corresponds with Ashu Chatterji and Marcos Ocasio completing two years working full-time at Caravel Labs. The vision of the Caravel Labs founders of a world where all technology contributes to equity, justice, and sustainability, is what propelled them to leave the relative comfort and much glamor of corporate careers at Microsoft. They have always known that this dream did not start with them, and nor will it be fulfilled solely by them or even their generation of engineers, which is why the arrival of team members at the earliest stages of their careers is such a cause of joy.

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