Our Art of the Possible Service

Our Art of the Possible Service

Our Art of the Possible Service

Innovation is fraught with risk, by its very nature, and therefore has few supporters, until an innovative idea is well-proven. Simultaneously, innovators, like the rest of us humans, are prone to ownership bias, which results in inflated confidence in their own ideas, putting their reputations and their budgets at risk. Working with innovators among startup founders, social entrepreneurs and public and private sector organizations for years, we see this problem and we have specifically designed a service to meet this challenge in a compelling and efficient way.

Our Art of the Possible service is designed to serve early-stage innovators achieve the following effectively, swiftly, and economically:

  • Demonstrate the power of their innovative idea in the form of a concrete software solution to excite supporters and convince the skeptics among potential investors, customers, or senior decision makers.

  • Validate and refine their own ideas early leading to a robust foundation that needs fewer and smaller changes as the product evolves.

Our Art of the Possible service is a 4-week long project that results in

  • Working software that can be demonstrated in 10-15 minutes and showcases the most compelling features of the innovative idea and its impact

  • Proven and established architecture and software engineering toolchain that requires minimal changes to build out the full product

  • A prioritized backlog of features that constitute an efficient and achievable product roadmap, which can be used to achieve a software solution that can be deployed for field use and provide business value in a matter of 2-3 months.

Our Art of the Possible service has been used by many of our customers in various ways.

  • Our customers have demonstrated the resulting solution to convince investors and close successful seed funding rounds and budget approvals.

  • An early-stage education technology startup used this service to refine and redefine their initial business model and product roadmap. Without this they would have had a significant delay in launching not to mention crippling cost overruns. Following this project, they engaged us to build the initial field-ready product, which they were able to launch within three months.

  • Another education technology startup used this service to answer common questions about the scalability of what was then a B2C product to largescale B2B2C scenarios which allowed them to successfully pursue large institutional customers.

  • A legal technology startup used this service to demonstrate to paying customers and investors the distinction of their proposed innovation from commodity technology, e.g., Zoom and Slack, etc. We are now helping this customer build and launch their initial field-ready product.

What is common in all of these customers is that they were innovators with truly world changing ideas that needed both refinement and buy-in by other, somewhat skeptical stakeholders. The Art of the Possible service helped them achieve both those goals within their budget and time constraints.

Are you an innovator looking to change the world with your idea but are wondering how to prove it out to yourself or others before taking the big, risky plunge? You don’t have to necessarily be a Silicon Valley startup founder to use this service. You could be based anywhere. The above customers are spread across four continents, in both high-income and developing countries, for example. You could also be in an internal changemaker in the corporate, government or social sector, and still benefit from this service. If you are interested in exploring how and Art of the Possible may support your innovation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@caravellabs.com.