Caravel Labs

A software engineering consultancy empowering social impact innovators.

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What we do

At Caravel Labs, we believe innovators deserve affordable software tools that deliver outcomes consistently, reliably, and promptly.

We partner with you and your organization to design, build, and scale custom technology solutions which empower your mission. Our areas of expertise include UI and UX design, web and mobile apps, cloud technology, and AI/ML.

Our Process


1 day - 2 weeks

We spend time with you to explore the project concept, validate mission alignment, determine a monetization model, and finally present an engagement proposal to you.

Build & Launch

1-3 months

After establishing the initial solution scope, design and architecture, we starting building using an iterative and incremental development process. This always includes an initial "go-live".

Grow Sustainably

Beyond (months to years)

We provide site reliability engineering services and partner with you to identify sustainable growth opportunities. We may build additional enhancements and/or transfer to your team for ongoing operation.

Why Caravel Labs?

We are challenging the status quo of IT consulting services.

We believe that customers should pay for outcome, not just pay for effort.

Unfortunately, the traditional IT services and technology consulting industry isn’t optimized to deliver useful, impactful software to end users in a way that is fast and affordable. We want to change that.

The “Traditional” Way

  • You agree, upfront, to pay all costs for as much time as the consulting firm consumes
  • The consulting firm is incentivized to bill more hours regardless of delivery quality
  • You own all the risk for ensuring that whatever is being built is actually useful

The Caravel Labs Way

  • We specifically hire engineers who focus on efficiency, quality, and customer outcomes
  • We use innovative contracting models which lower upfront costs and reduce barriers-to-entry for social innovators​
  • Shared incentives are setup between our team and your team to ensure early adoption of the solution is a priority

Our Team

Our team is a group of seasoned professionals with a proven record in various aspects of the technology industry. The team has worked with customers to deliver custom software solutions in 24 countries spanning every human-inhabited continent. They can often be seen speaking at global industry events such as PMI conferences, the Global Scrum Gathering, and the World Innovation Summit for Education.​

Have an idea?

You’re invited to join us and chat about your idea at our innovation café.

We’ll be happy to sit with you for a few hours (virtually or in-person) to explore more about your idea for innovation.

No cost, no pressure - we just love meet social innovators!

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